Sumo and my Sumi…


Shun Sanjo


I will be going to Japan soon.
If Joey Tribbiani were around me now, he would probably have asked me, “the country?”.

Speaking of whom, did you know, that while in his initial acting days, when he did commercials, he was able to buy a house, a car, a motorcycle and a wardrobe full of clothes just by doing an ad for Heinz Ketchup! Man, is that something or is it something??[2]

Well, anyways. My company thinks that I am unmarried enough to have a plate of noodles and sushi along with Ketchup for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other time in between, without that “oh-i-wish-i-had-someone-who-could-make-idli sambhar-here” look on my face, and finds me fit enough to handle the Japanese clients there. Of course, there they just call them clients.

However, when I refer to the word “fit”, it’s not to imply “physically fit”, that I am going to take on the mighty Sumo wrestlers there. That would be a virtual Kamikaze. I would rather escape on a Sumo if I ever get into a tiff with them. And by that, I mean the Tata Sumo vehicle, not on the wrestler’s back. Sumojho? Continue reading