the notes that tug…

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Time, Pink Floyd

For all those who trip on music. who’s ever dreamt of being in a rock band. strum a few chords on the guitar to your favorite song. who dream. a must watch – Rock On!!.

musically. poignant. subtle. understated.

I need the glass. and Pink Floyd.

Curd rice with Fuji-san…

They say “A wise man climbs Fuji once, only a Fool climbs it twice“.

Now, I have never understood why one always says “they say”. I mean, wouldn’t you know who they are who say all these nice words when you say they say? How foolish would “they” feel when “they” would realize that “they” are just “they”, without being given names? And how big a fool would you feel when I say, that I do not know who “they” are and am just aimlessly digressing on who said that line, when my only intention to say that was to let you know that I climbed Fuji the first time and reached the top, and so will not have to do it again, and hence proved that I am a wise man like the good old Confuscious!! – Q.E.D!!!

Phew! Wiping sweat from forehead! Man, what was that for?

OK. After that brief display of some emotional rantings, let us get back to sanity.

Quite evidently, I am very ecstatic about the fact that I scaled Japan’s highest volcano¬†mountain, measured at around 3760 meters, and where you can breath with only about 64% of the normal oxygen level.

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To Be or…Hanabi!!



Ok, please do not jump for cover and distort your faces. These are not the different kinds of “misdirected burps” I am describing here. Please! As they say, what happens in “Vegas” stays in “Vegas”, so shall this be. Although, sometimes they do happen while you’re asleep, or just when you’re about to enter a meeting after the paneer butter curry with nan you had for lunch, and while the Tech lead is busy describing the bugs in your code, all you hear are those “internal explosions” I was referring to above.

Well, I am getting back to my old habit here. Digressing.
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