In my umble opinion, which I have acquired zince today morning, the only other thing thats worse than having loose motions while you are stuck in a traffic jam on the highway (bick any city – they’re all the same anyways), is **aaahh…**, having a nose that just refuses to stop dripping oodles of fluid while you have lunch in your packed canteen, and the only resources you have at hand to save face (read:Nose) is the sleeve of your T-shirt and some tissues that you steal from the caterer guy in the office canteen…not to mention the “hand” I just mentioned!
**Sniff…aaahh!! **
Ya, I know. The incredulous look on your face. Why tissues..And that too why from the caterer guy!! 
Well, 2 reasons –
a. A hurried exit from the room to catch the office bus – Missed my handkerchief!
b. Global recession, cost-cutting – No tissues in the restrooms! Bloody ell! God bless Tamanna Caterers! May they never have issues with tissues!
Now sniff off!!